Music is there for you when no one else is

life without music
Music nerds like myself would only get this. Photo by me.

violinTo all the music lovers out there, you’ve probably realized music has its healing powers. I know as a musician, I have. It’s been there for me in times of happiness, sadness, rage and hope. But music doesn’t just affect emotions, it physiologically changes the body. Whether you’re a fan of Vivaldi, Hans Zimmer (my idol), the Beatles or Carrie Underwood — or all four! — it’s important to understand and learn about the health benefits of both playing and listening to music.

 Music can change the world because it can change people. [Bono]

Listening to music:

1. Reduces stress; regulates arousal and mood; achieves self-awareness and expresses social relatedness.

guitar player

 2. Decreases blood pressure, heart rate, pain, and anxiety.

doctor tools

3. Staves off hearing loss in old age.


  4. Effects emotions through blood vessel constriction (to decrease blood flow) or dilation (to increase blood flow).

heart diagram

 5. Helps recovery (including that of stroke victims).


 6. Boosts endurance.


 7. Changes brain function and treats neurological conditions like ADD, depression, insomnia, and Alzheimer’s.


 Playing music:

8.  Increases verbal memory.


 9. Protects mental sharpness in old age.

Tell us in the comments how does music help you?


2 thoughts on “Music is there for you when no one else is

  1. …and can evoke strong emotion. When one lives for 48 years in a major metropolitan area and moves into the wilderness for two decades of subsistence living… to have the opportunity to once again experience a symphony orchestra render a major work can only bring one to tears of joy!
    Yes indeed music has the power to move ones soul. Thank you for a great posting.


    1. I couldn’t agree more. I’m glad to hear you’re someone who appreciates symphonic orchestra, and even more glad you had the chance to experience it again. Thank you for the kind words.


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